Lloyd Perry
December 1, 2018
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Why December Should Be Your Best Sales* Month Ever

I find it fascinating that there are certain time periods throughout the year when it is assumed and, in some cases, totally acceptable that sales will not / cannot be made.

Melbourne Cup Day. Fridays. The entire month of December.

Melbourne Cup Day? Okay ill accept that. At least the afternoon or post 2pm onwards. Go enjoy yourself and call prospects tomorrow (non-Aussies read about Melbourne Cup here)

Fridays? I’ll accept Friday afternoons also. If you work in sales, try to leave all your catch up admin to a Friday afternoon. Meaningful conversations aren’t going to be plentiful post 230pm on a Friday, so why fight it.


Wrong. December is your best month for selling. To my fellow salespeople, this might not be what you want to hear as this was formerly a lazy month for you (don’t share this article with your boss).

How many times have you heard this in December?

“Look, sounds kind of interesting but can we talk about this next year? I’ve got a busy week coming up next week then we’ve got to close out a big project then everyone will be off for Christmas”.

You have heard some variation of that ‘pitch’ on almost every single sales call you have made in December.

I put ‘pitch’ in commas, because in the sales world where someone is getting pitched in every conversation, you have just been pitched by your customer… and this is the one time when you are going to be happy to lose.

At this point in said conversation, the good salespeople are feigning hurt and indignation.

“Wow, you can’t even fit in a short meeting. Gee, you guys must be really busy. Okay no problems, let’s look at in the new year. How does your diary look on January 11 at 2pm?” (insert whatever date).

The bit in bold and italics is the bit most salespeople forget. They agree to arbitrarily follow up in January (because hey, you get it. You can feel the holiday cheer spreading and frankly you would like to wind down too) but don’t lock in the meeting. They say, ‘okay ill call you in the new year’. And then its lost to the winds of uncertain follow up.

In the minutiae of the micro-relationship you’ve just built, you’ve conceded to that person. You let them win. They weren’t that busy, they just think they are and you let them convince you of that. If you’ve done some elite prospecting, then you already know that customer has a very real reason to buy from you. You have let them not take a meeting with you when, in reality, it is in their remit as an employee of a progressive company to at least explore new innovations or cost savings.

They put the meeting off til ‘next year’. Now they owe you.

So let them win that battle, because you will now win the war. Winning the war means using these little concessions to make your diary so insanely full with meetings in January that it’s impossible to not have a killer start to the year, which then sets the tone for the rest of the year. I freaking love December. December is all about prospecting. I am the nicest prospecting salesperson ever in December. I let people say no to me constantly.

Everyone else takes their foot off the gas in December. Meanwhile, I outwork my competition and lock in meetings for January like it went out of fashion.

Fall in love with December again, Sellcrowders, and keep searching for sales opportunities where others don’t!


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