Lloyd Perry
June 4, 2018
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Types of Sales Roles

Need a cold caller? Or an Account Manager? Or a DSR (Direct Sales Representative) ?

Not sure what type of salesperson you need or what part of the sales cycle you need to recruit for?

Sellcrowd is here to help. Sellcrowd is a marketplace for hiring every type of salesperson you could possibly need.

Below is a list of every type of sales role and sales function. Use the search feature on our website to find available salespeople for each category.

• Cold Calls
• Account Management
• Sales Development Representative
• Business Development Manager
• Sales Manager
• Sales Script Writer
• Appointment Setter
• Prospector
• Telesales
• Inside sales
• Account Executive
• Customer Success
• Sales Strategist
• Sales Consultant
• Field Sales Rep
• Networker
• Sales Coach
• Cold emailer
• Sales Hustler
• Sales Hacker
• Closer
• Sales Analyst

Is there any sales functions or sales roles that we have missed? Let us know.


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