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Treat others how you want to be treated - Work hard - The more No's you get you're closer to a Yes

10 years sales experience Sydney, Australia

Member since: December 26, 2018

$24.00 / hr $160.00 / day

I.T. Internet Marketing Professional services

Worked in the Brian Tracy Asia Pacific Office the office also was Tony Robbins. So the environment was a Crosshatch of Sales Training Technique, and I soaked as much information as I could like a sponge. I am still in contact with Mr Tracy today, and I can say that I have literally shaked that Mans hand. I still watch some of his videos, to get the better edge on Gatekeepers, Personal Assistants and Receptionists.
Worked in a Sales Representative Role for Sky Net Global, phoning C Level Executives and selling them Data plans and 802.11b Technology.
All of this on the back of the initiation of the 802.11b Broadband Technology, which, Jonathan Soon, Sky Net Global’s Founder and CEO developed after being peeved that there were so many cables and leads needed just to operate his Laptop and access the Internet in the QANTAS Club Lounge.
Worked for a significant amount of time with AAPT Telecommunications. Cold Call Door Knocking and Managing a Team of other Door Knockers, while using my gumption to meet my Daily KPI’s and Team Targets. With the Campaign being in Winter, in Canberra, near 0 Degrees, all for a Commission Only Position, but, I bit the bullet, put my head down and my tail up, kept on Selling, building my Team. In the end I had learned a great many Management, Delegation and Reward Sales Management Skills. I am better for it.
APA Magazine Distribution | Appointment Setting
I was involved in a series of Product and Sales Training upon me being employed in the Role as an Appointment Setter, or Lead Generator if you will with APA Magazine and Catalogue Distribution.
After two weeks of what seemed amusing at the start, (Positive Affirmations in front of a mirror), I literally was on fire. I had memorised the Script, was consistently learning more Appointment Setting and all-round Sales Skills by my peers, the Business Development Managers, who were always suggesting applying the very Techniques that they knew, on a daily basis, and I soaked it up as to my best.
APA Magazine and Catalogue Distribution is where I learned how to apply A Big Fat Claim in a Pitch. I was taught always to apply A Big Fat Claim if needed just before Closing the Appointment, or used in Handling Objections, because it is Product Specification Beneficial and Feature derived. The role in the end was positive, with many Professional elements, even though they were a Small Business, they punched above their weight if I may say and met their competitors Campaigns at many fronts. A great position overall.
Small Business Owner/Operator
Sydney Suburbs Window Cleaning
Targeting Retail and Residential Customer Sectors, with Window Cleaning Services whilst simultaneously meeting all Customer requirements, Client Consultations.
i.e. Sales Presentations and Customer Service Provisions. Providing a Quality service, with a ”Clean and Professional Dress Code”
CHIPISUBOFF Remote Telemarketing Services
Working on Negative Gearing Campaigns for the Real Estate Industry. Setting Appointments for a Professional from say, i.e Spot On Financial Connections or Supreme Investments.
A required Criteria needed to be met on each call phoned, i.e $180,000 in Available Equity, Combined income of at least $120,000, if Single $85,000 etc. I was forwarded $150 per sat Presentation. | A Drone enthusiasts 2nd home!….
This Small Business is my Jewel in the Crown, I have a great amount of respect for this Website, even though it is still slow going in our tenth week.
Aside from that, with access to over 300,000 Drone related products from 15 Suppliers who are based on every Continent around our precious World.
I am ”!going to see this business succeed Online!”, through Social Media and Domestically Via the ”POINT OF SALE App”.
Which gives you the power to make a particular Sales Presentation for any Product we have listed, accept payment, and send a invoice to the Buyer.
Once payment for the order is received, the product will be Shipped to the new owner.
All of this, at say a Stand that you hire for the day for $50, at the Paddy’s Market. And our teams Stand Dressed in Different Drone Brands and with Different Drone Parts and Accessories.
All Conquerable Via Smart Phone, but for Sales Presentations, the use of at least a Notebook is ideal.

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