How it Works for Salespeople

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How it works

Sell from anywhere in the world, choose your own hours and boost your sales career.

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2. Apply to jobs and get hired

3. Download the app log calls and time spent selling

4. Work from home, the office or the beach, and earn up to $70 an hour.

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How much does it cost?

Sellcrowd charges salespeople a 10% fee based on the salesperson’s billings,
no matter the amount of hours billed, whether it’s hourly, part time (shift) or on the talk time model.

Our pricing in action

Hourly Rate Day Rate Talk time (coming soon)
Rate $30 $300 $80
Hours 4 8.5 2
Salesperson Gross Hourly earnings $120 $300 $160
Plus Commissions $50 $250 $500
Salesperson gross earnings $170 $550 $660
Sellcrowd Fees % 10% 10% 10%
Sellcrowd Fees $ $17 $55 $66
Salesperson net earnings $153 $495 $594

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