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  • string(4) "3227"

    Spiro M

    New Business Development Executive

    20 years experience $65.00 /hr
    Business driven and ambitious B2B commercial professional with a high level of perseverance and honesty working many years as GM…
  • string(4) "3225"

    Daniel G

    Media Arts Production Graduate

    1 year experience $35.00 /hr
    I am a highly motivated and results-driven professional bringing extensive experience in TV production, digital media production, editing, writing, sales,…
  • string(4) "3224"

    Simon B

    Sales mate

    5 years experience $45.00 /hr
    I enjoy being on the phone and helping people and companies learn and discover new products and services! Especially at…
  • string(4) "3213"

    Anna M

    Sales Gun

    6 years experience $26.00 /hr
    I am a committed, friendly and hardworking Customer Service Advisor with a passion for providing excellent customer service at all…
  • string(4) "3212"

    Claire M

    Account Manager and Business Development Manager with 5 years experience

    5 years experience $32.00 /hr
    I am an account manager and business development manager with over 5 years experience. I have 8 years experience in…
  • string(4) "3204"

    Krizelle D

    Retail/Sales/Client Associate/Cashier

    3 years experience $25.00 /hr
    The firm, overall, is very supportive and diverse. I honestly looked forward to coming in each day to a new…
  • string(4) "3194"

    Bruce S

    Sales Hunter with 15 Years experience

    15 years experience $35.00 /hr
    I have a in depth knowledge of sales and business development, with the ability to develop a pipeline from cold…
  • string(4) "3190"

    Lauren S

    Sales gun with 7 years experience

    7 years experience $35.00 /hr
    I have 7 years experience in sales. I built the foundations of my skill set in an aggressive high-pressured face-to-face…
  • string(4) "3171"

    Jim S

    Recruitment Genius SAAS Superstar

    16 years experience $35.00 /hr
    My sales career really took off when I joined Yell 2011. They pride themselves on having world-class training and that’s…
  • string(4) "3184"

    Josh C

    Marketing student with 6 years of sales experience in sports retail

    6 years experience $30.00 /hr
    I am a Melbourne-based marketing student with an entrepreneurial mindset and a penchant for moonshot thinking. I am looking for…
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