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  • string(4) "3024"

    Ahmed N

    Project Support and Business Admin

    5 years experience $30.00 /hr
    Vast experience in stakeholder engagement, project management, construction, business support and administration management. Ready to support your business or ongoing…
  • string(4) "3021"

    Malik U

    Account MANAGER

    12 years experience $50.00 /hr
    I have performed exceptionally well in variety of Roles focused on developing High Performance Sales culture and delivering on organizational…
  • string(4) "3018"

    Huzan A

    Sales professional who loves a good chat!

    10 years experience $25.00 /hr
    I’ve done anything from electrical sales, make-up, personal training to retail in customer service. I’m very easy to get along…
  • string(4) "3004"

    Josh D

    Media Guru with 8 years experience

    1 year experience $30.00 /hr
    I do not run a company, I do not own a company. I am on this website to apply for…
  • string(4) "2993"

    John T

    The Sales Genie

    14 years experience $25.00 /hr
    I am transitioning into owning my own firm, and helping companies scale on a commission-only basis. The risk is all…
  • string(4) "2999"

    Renee F

    Swim Teacher

    0 years experience $25.00 /hr
    I have worked as a swim teacher. I am a swimmer myself so I love the ability to pass on…
  • string(4) "2991"

    Shibin K

    Business Development Manager

    5 years experience $27.00 /hr
    I am holding 5 plus years of experience in various IT Firms, Learned many things and demonstrate the value back…
  • string(4) "2990"

    Milton N

    Account Manager with 12 years experience

    10 years experience $25.00 /hr
    I am an experienced Account Manager with valuable experience in Digital Marketing, Lead Generation & Administration, with more than 12…
  • string(4) "2987"

    Jodie M

    Real Estate Management & Business Owner

    27 years experience $30.00 /hr
    Hi there…. I’m a current Retail Business Owner looking to expand my income. Currently experiencing tough economic times I’m looking…
  • string(4) "2980"

    Josh K

    Sales Director with over 10 years experience

    13 years experience $70.00 /hr
    I am a highly experienced sales director with many years building start-up and early stage businesses. I have built sales…
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