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    Karen W

    Successful Entrepreneur

    40 years experience $30.00 /hr
    Love working my own hours from home. Passionate about making a difference. So rewarding seeing people great testimonies & stories…
  • string(4) "2730"

    Michael W

    Positive cold caller

    7 years experience $33.00 /hr
    As a people person I love selling to people from all backgrounds and demographics, the challenge of adjusting my cadence,…
  • string(4) "2724"

    James W


    16 years experience $50.00 /hr
    I’ve spent 12 years working in corporate sales environments and 6 years in hospitality. Four of those six years were…
  • string(4) "2721"

    Vineeta J

    Sales Professional with 10 yrs experience

    10 years experience $30.00 /hr
    With 10+ years experience in sales and customer service, building relationships, coaching and managing sales teams in finance industry –…
  • string(4) "2713"

    Zena K

    Customer Service

    2 years experience $19.00 /hr
    As a young and motivated individual I am extremely interested in submitting an application advertised for the position. I would…
  • string(4) "2709"

    Oscar P

    Sales Manager with 10 experience

    10 years experience $40.00 /hr
    Sales Manager based in Monterrey, Mexico with experience in costumer service, industrial and technical sales. Fluent in spanish and english,…
  • string(4) "2602"

    Peter N

    Custom Service & Sales Representative

    3 years experience $30.00 /hr
    With over 3 years of customer service and sales experience, I utilize excellent written and verbal skills in communicating solutions…
  • string(4) "2707"

    Tahlia Z

    Passionate sales gun

    2 years experience $20.00 /hr
    I first started in sales when I lived and worked in the United Kingdom. I started with fundraising, and my…
  • string(4) "2705"

    Warren P

    Sales Professional 17 years plus experience.

    17 years experience $40.00 /hr
    Career sales professional since 2001 in real estate sales and property development operating almost entirely on repeat and referral business.…
  • string(4) "2688"

    Ashleigh M

    Sales gun with 6 years Retail Management Experience

    6 years experience $30.00 /hr
    My most recent role was as a Store Manager within a company I worked for, for 6 years. It is…
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