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    Daniel G

    Professionals Sales Person, 25 Years Experience

    25 years experience $30.00 /hr
    Broadly skilled person who enjoys all aspects of sales and delivering on projects. With over 25 years experience in sales…
  • string(4) "3309"

    Omid P

    Business Development - sales executive, outcome & results oreintated professional

    16 years experience $65.00 /hr
    Successful IT sales & management sales executive with more than 15 years of professional experience. Seeking a career change to…
  • string(4) "3307"

    Raj K

    Well Networked Technology Sales Professional With 20 Years Experience

    20 years experience $70.00 /hr
    20 years of Sales experience in Australia across Government, Financial Services, Retail, Aviation, Utilities, Manufacturing, Commercial and Logistics sectors. Experienced…
  • string(4) "3296"

    Victoria K

    Sales only for aligned products/services

    2 years experience $30.00 /hr
    I have deep empathy and connection with customers, with a strong ability and energy to network, help and provide real…
  • string(4) "3303"

    Katie-Jayne O

    Sales & Canvassing for 12 years. Canvassing Manager 10 years.

    12 years experience $30.00 /hr
    I have 10 years experience recruiting, training and managing door to door canvassing teams in the UK. In Australia I…
  • string(4) "3288"

    Alicia F

    Closer with 26 years of inexperience, 1 month of training

    7 years experience $25.00 /hr
    Hi, I can’t say I am an outgoing person because I’m not. I am diligent, reliable, adaptable, ambitious and empathetic.…
  • string(4) "3292"

    Sam G

    Senior Sales Revenue Developer & Generator

    30 years experience $90.00 /hr
    Commercially astute sales and business professional, who prospects and presents at “C–Level or B2C, to secure new business, expand current…
  • string(4) "3293"

    Ashton T

    Technological Novice looking to start career

    0 years experience $19.00 /hr
    I am a hard-working recent high school graduate, who has consistently been praised as focused by my teachers and friends.…
  • string(4) "3291"

    Kaitlyn M

    Customer Service Superstar

    4 years experience $26.00 /hr
    I am a highly experienced Customer Service Representative, from working as a receptionist to working in a call centre as…
  • string(4) "3287"

    David E

    Sales Management Professional

    30 years experience $50.00 /hr
    I’m a very successful degree qualified Sales/Business Development professional with 25 years of leading and developing winning sales teams with…
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