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  • string(4) "2823"

    Jade B

    Energising CRM Wizard

    10 years experience $38.00 /hr
    With over 10 years of invaluable, character-building customer service and relations experience, I have what it takes to build and…
  • string(4) "2832"

    Harry M

    Confident young man with one year experience

    1 year experience $50.00 /hr
    I am a confident young man with a years experience working within the call centre industry. I have ranged from…
  • string(4) "2826"

    Laura H

    Former Talman Support Consultant with 1 year total of customer service.

    1 year experience $35.00 /hr
    I am a hard working, reliable and enthusiastic employee ready to work! I learnt fast, am confident when making calls,…
  • string(4) "2820"

    Robert J

    Sales Guru with 15 years experience

    1 year experience $20.00 /hr
    ‘I AM YOUR: ADVISOR’ Just as the Software Development industry evolves to become more innovative and efficient, so do I.…
  • string(4) "2822"

    Carey J

    Closer - Sold $1.5 million worth of SAAS in 2019.

    9 years experience $50.00 /hr
    A highly charismatic and dynamic Business Development Executive and with a track record of professional success spanning several industries and…
  • string(4) "2815"

    Colin D

    Been a business owner so I know how to sell

    5 years experience $40.00 /hr
    As a previous business owner, I know that all business lives or dies by its ability to attract clients –…
  • string(4) "2809"

    James L

    New Business Revenue Generation Specialist

    15 years experience $35.00 /hr
    I accelerate speed -to-revenue and win accounts for startups on a mission to disrupt. I’m an adaptive hunter with a…
  • string(4) "2808"

    Troy B

    Computer God with 6 years experience

    6 years experience $25.00 /hr
    I thrive to give the best of my abilitys whilst working on a project, i garentuee you i will give…
  • string(4) "2800"

    Lucy J

    Uni student

    0 years experience $25.00 /hr
    I am a student looking for a casual job. My company is a good place to work because I have…
  • string(4) "2799"

    Yara A

    Sales Assistant/4th Year Univeristy Student

    1 year experience $25.00 /hr
    I am currently looking for a marketing and sales related job. I’m in my final semester of study (studying Marketing,…
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