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  • string(4) "2592"

    Sam N

    Sales Expert

    11 years experience $50.00 /hr
    11 years of sales experience, Account managing and sales support roles within the retail and B2B world. I’m passionate about…
  • string(4) "2588"

    Lauryn B

    Professional with hustle, enthusiasm and drive

    2 years experience $25.00 /hr
    I have over 5 years of experience on both the customer engagement and client success sides of leading technology companies.…
  • string(4) "2587"

    Francisco O

    Negotiation Passionate. Account Executive

    4 years experience $19.00 /hr
    High potential on negotiation and language skills, I have been able to develop an A to Z account management focusing…
  • string(4) "2586"

    Jonah M

    Give me the product, I'll sell it.

    0 years experience $20.00 /hr
    I have a background in marketing, accounting and coding. I will convert that into the hard sell. My background in…
  • string(4) "2585"

    Alan S

    High Ticket Closer specialised in Marketing Programs/ Services

    1 year experience $20.00 /hr
    My name is Alan Salas and I love to help others and I bring results. I am a closer that…
  • string(4) "2584"

    Arvind C

    SaaS || Technology Sales Expert with 12+ years experience

    12 years experience $30.00 /hr
    Enterprise Solution sales professional with a consistent record of delivering rapid growth for leading technology brands. Direct net-new sales as…
  • string(4) "2583"

    Mandy H

    Sales in eCommerce with 6 years experience

    3 years experience $25.00 /hr
    I started my career as a marketing specialist in the foreign trade industry, cold calling to overseas potential clients to…
  • string(4) "2582"

    Benjamin T

    Business Development Strategy Specialist

    3 years experience $25.00 /hr
    • Awarded 2018 BDR with the most 30k outbound closed-won deals, while bringing in a total of $304,000 in new…
  • string(4) "2574"

    Amir K

    Cyber Security Consultant

    19 years experience $50.00 /hr
    In all, I have 19 years of mixed professional work experience, in Banking, Finance, Information Technology, and Cyber Security. I…
  • string(4) "2571"

    Ben B

    Sales, Partnership, Operations, Strategy Specalist

    15 years experience $45.00 /hr
    Driven by innovation and technology and passionate about business personal growth and collaborating with like-minded people. I have spent 15+…
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