Lloyd Perry
January 9, 2018
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Got Sales? Hire a Sales Pro Now, With Sellcrowd

The world needs salespeople. Like it or not, it’s the truth.

We need salespeople so that more great companies sell more products and services, and in turn all those wonderful people who design, manage, service, build, lead and so on … get to keep their jobs. Lack of sales is the number one reason why companies fail and a well placed salesperson can can bring in sales fast and early.

We need salespeople for product market fit. Salespeople are a fantastic conduit to knowing what your customers really think. Built a crappy product? A good salesperson can relay the results of dozens of conversations in short order and identify what a product needs to succeed.

We need salespeople, even the pushy ones sometimes, because making choices is hard. How do you really know if that widget you just checked out online is going to help solve your project management issue, or your software issues?

The world needs salespeople because good salespeople build great relationships and genuinely care about seeing their customers succeed. If a company has just five good customer relationships in place that are nurtured properly, I will all but guarantee that company will never fail.

Hire a Sales Pro now with Sellcrowd

We’ve built Sellcrowd so that smart companies have a global talent pool of sales professionals to hire from on-demand, and more than that, they can hire salespeople remotely, with confidence, thanks to the Sellcrowd App.

The Sellcrowd app tracks how much time a salesperson spends on the phone and bills employers for activity, giving employers the confidence to hire and know they will pay only for genuine sales activity. You’ll get live, up to the minute reports on sales activity and the ability to set KPIs and manage your remote sales team through our online portal.

Looking to expand internationally? In a few short months, Sellcrowd will open up to a worldwide audience and have salespeople from all over the world creating profiles and seeking work. Find a more suitable geographical market, or a less competitive market, hire someone with the right fit and go for it.

Salespeople, Join Us

The time is right to build a freelance career in sales. Sellcrowd is the place to do that. We are an online marketplace for hiring salespeople, and our aim is to make it easy for great salespeople like you to find flexible sales work. Are you looking for a few extra hours when you can afford it? We can cater to that. Or a full time role with the ability to work from home? We can cater to that too.

You can earn money from home, the office or sitting on the beach with the Sellcrowd app. The app tracks how much time you spend on the phone talking with potential customers and bills that to your chosen employer. Our top sales guy on the marketplace is on track to earn $68,741 (at time of writing) and that is only with part time effort.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on lloyd [at] sellcrowd dotcom.


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