What is Sellcrowd?

Sellcrowd is a platform for remote, flexible sales work. Employers can post sales jobs for free and hire skilled sales contractors on a freelance basis, and salespeople can discover great new sales roles and opportunities to work in sales on a flexible basis.

FAQ For Employers

How does Sellcrowd work?

Simply post a sales job on our website (it’s free) and specify what type of sales assistance you require. You will receive applications from registered sales freelancers. You can hire salespeople on an hourly basis or by the minute using the Sellcrowd app. Leads may be imported via spreadsheet or CRM with the Sellcrowd app, and full analytics are provided for each approved sales consultant.

What type of salesperson can you hire on Sellcrowd?

Salespeople comes in all shapes and sizes, with varying levels of skills and experience. Appointment setting, Account Executives / Business Development Managers and Field Sales Executives are the three major categories of salespeople, however there are 22 sales functions in total. We recommend you review their profile thoroughly and vet their skills through interview and/or trials.

How does payment work?

The Sellcrowd platform will generate an invoice in the name of the sales consultant you hire. Sellcrowd collects payment upfront, where possible, and holds funds in escrow, releasing funds to each salesperson after a two week review period.


We will collect your feedback about Sales Consultants to assist improvements to the functioning of our search functionality and site. Your feedback may be published and may become viewable by other sales consultants and/or clients or users of the website.

FAQ For Salespeople

How does Sellcrowd work?

It’s free and easy to create a profile on the Sellcrowd website and apply for sales positions. Sales positions are usually part time and remote (work from home) in nature. Companies typically offer an hourly rate or a ‘talk time’ hourly rate if the Sellcrowd app is in use as a primary method of measuring sales productivity.

How do I get paid?

The Sellcrowd app logs the amount of time you spend on phone calls on behalf of clients and bills the client for that time. For hourly sales roles, you must log hours via timesheet through the Sellcrowd App or through our online portal.

How do I get the app?

Click here to apply for the Sellcrowd App beta.

If I get hired on Sellcrowd, am I an employee of Sellcrowd or the client?

Neither. Sellcrowd is a sales freelancing website, so you will be providing sales services under contract to each client. As such, you will need an ABN or registered business entity if you are located in Australia. Overseas sales applicants will require a registered business entity in their respective locality.

How does training work? 

When clients are opting to use the Sellcrowd app, training collateral such as sales scripts, product information, objection handling and videos are uploaded by the client into the training portal inside the app. For hourly roles, it is up to the client how and when they deliver sales training.

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