Lloyd Perry
October 23, 2018
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Are you letting leads go cold?

Every day, businesses across the globe spend hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire leads. Huge sums of money are ploughed into Adwords, social media marketing, content marketing, landing page creation and more, just so that potential buyers might fill in their name, email and phone number into a form.

What happens when, against all odds, marketing succeeds and a potential buyer is lured into parting with their contact details?

A lot of the time, nothing.

It’s amazing how many companies are slow to respond to an online lead. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that contacted leads within an hour of receiving them are 60 times more likely to qualify that customer than companies that contacted within 24 hours.

Sure, companies might respond with an email or a sequence of emails. However, does that really answer your customer’s questions? Do emails uncover hidden intent, or the project the customer is working on that makes your product a must-have provided it can just do x, y and z?

lead conversion

Smaller companies in particular can have a hard time keeping up with leads, because there are so many other things on their plate. They might be servicing existing clients or going over the finance with their bookkeeper when a lead comes in. Even if you’re a larger sized business, do you really know if your sales team are placing high priority on the online leads your marketing team works so hard to generate?

I Want Answers Now, Please

The mentality of people today is one of instant gratification. We have on-demand personal drivers, we can rent rooms in other people’s houses on-demand, and we can binge watch anything we like. We expect things on demand. Yet when we make an inquiry into a product or service online, often it is hours, days or never that someone gets back to us.

This is an enormous wasted opportunity for businesses. They are wasting revenue opportunities simply because they are ignoring the instant gratification that customers crave demand.

Sellcrowd is on a mission to ensure no lead ever goes cold again. With the Sellcrowd app, any business will be able to access a mobilised, on-demand talent pool of professional salespeople who will call and qualify your online leads the exact same minute they make an enquiry. This creates a wow factor for your company, and a deadly competitive advantage.

Visit our lead qualification page and download our free javascript widget to capture name, email and phone number on your contact us page or your landing pages. Leads will be called same minute by the best available rep from our talent pool of over 1,000 sales professionals who will be pre-trained on your product.

Stop wasting your marketing dollars by letting your leads go cold. Contact them while your product or service is top of mind and watch your sales skyrocket. Contact our sales team if you would like to learn more, or sign up here.

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